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When I interview job seekers, how come Jews and Muslams get upset when I ask for their Christian name? Everyone got to have one..... don't they?

No, not everyone has a Christian name...... only Christian people have Christian names....   I don't have a Christian name.   By asking a non-Christian what is his / her Chriatian name you embarrase them (not really insulting).    How would you feel if you came to Israel, come to a job interview and they ask you: "What is your Jewish name ?".  That is rediculous.  You MUST be much more sensitive and simply ask: "What is your name ?".  By the way:  Most of the Israelies have only 1 name (I have only one).  So if you wanted to know my 2nd name(s) you should have ask: "Do you have a 2nd name(s)", rather than asking: "What is your 2nd name ?". 

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