Christian names.

When I interview job seekers, how come Jews and Muslams get upset when I ask for their Christian name?    Everyone got to have one..... don't they?

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Calling anyone a Christian is an insult.

No, not everyone has a Christian name...... only Christian people have Christian names....   I don't have a Christian name.   By asking a non-Christian what is his / her Chriatian name you embarrase them (not really insulting).    How would you feel if you came to Israel, come to a job interview and they ask you: "What is your Jewish name ?".  That is rediculous.  You MUST be much more sensitive and simply ask: "What is your name ?".  By the way:  Most of the Israelies have only 1 name (I have only one).  So if you wanted to know my 2nd name(s) you should have ask: "Do you have a 2nd name(s)", rather than asking: "What is your 2nd name ?". 

Love is the battery of life....

Business like that slipped through the loopholes, thats racial profiling.


Thats something protestants and their KKK do.

You should ask Christians, 'what is your jewish name?' - given that most 'Christian' names have Jewish/biblical derivations.


Are you seriously this dumb?

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

Because it is offensive, you idiot. You rabid christian dipshits demand respect for your own religious views but can't seem to fathom giving that same respect back to anyone else.  Get an education and get your thick head out of the clouds.

my first name is katherine
my Christian name is sarah
my last name is wilson

i see nothing wrong with this
atheists have a hair trigger temper and are always violent
that is why they name their children hateful things
like darwin or hitchens or lucifer
lots of times they change their names to suit their evil minds and bigotry
something totally evil and stereotypical
to please an atheist it has to be absolutely hellish
maybe that is why they are all so obnoxious and hateful

there is nothing wrong with Jewish names
david or sarah or joshua or michael
what is wrong with lovely names like these
there can be neither art peace nor love
if an atheist is there to render it hateful and profane

honesty and beauty make us human. what you hide today will be displayed tomorrow.

Them christians are kind of strange they struggle with atheism, during 911 they was struggling with homosexuality and ended up with gay marriage.


So what do atheists get?

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