J. H., . . . Your answers are certainly direct and some even contain facts as you understand them. Perhaps they bring you some measure of personal joy in sharing them? But I wonder, what good is that joy if it is self-serving? Facts by themselves are neutral, but in the context of a help forum, what good are they, if they empower no one? You seem to have a good mind. Put it to good use and avoid making the same mistakes as the other performance-based over-zealous Christian evangelists (whom you are coming oh, so close to imitating) on this forum who keep trying to win converts to a particular world view.

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n Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Another excellent Answer, my friend.


Back-at-cha, NJOY...=)


It is best to tell the kid the facts of life as they come from the Merck Manual and Gray's Anatomy. 


It was really bad when I asked Bob about the model he was building for his fifth grade class.  "It isa house of ill repute," he said.  "When I'm done with it, we can use it as a doghouse, or as a place for the cat to sleep."


It was definitely an eye opener when I spoke to my son a few days after he turned ten.  I tried to tell him about the birds and the bees, and he stopped me.


"You mean, birds and bees do that too?  Maybe I could set up a pole dancing routine with some of the girls about that down at the bordello I own . . .."


It is amazing what kids know at an early age these days.........

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