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What is chris kirk, hoppin mad hillbilly, doing now?

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Selling collectables @ hoppinmadhillbilly.com , his last TV appearance (which I am aware of) was a few years ago on the "Saturday Night Knife and Gun Show". I miss the good 'ol days prior to the disagreement with SMKW.  I'll never forget his "Oprah" diatribes!!!

Hi all, I found out some info on the Chirs Kirk the hoppin mad hillbilly!!!

He will be back on the air before Chrismas and selling knifes  will start Feb 11,2010.. I can't wait !!!!

Found Chirs Kirk on air on Friday nights selling knives.This is one show that you do not want to miss. He does not sell china made knives just good old USA, Check out his show on Friday night chanel 225 6-9 pm and chanel 224 from 12-1am eastern on Dish network

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