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What are the chords for what earthly reason?

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I was looking for an answer myself and couldn't find it, so I sat down and plunked until I figured them out. Now I'll share them for the next person that needs them. :)


Have fun!


3/4 in G

      G                D2/F#                  Em7     D                  C    G/B

For what earthly reason would the Father send down His Son

      Am      E/G#          Am7         D2/F#             G   Gsus4   G  Gsus4

To suffer rejection and pay for crimes He had not done

      G                 D/F#                 Em7               D            C   G/B

For what earthly reason would the Father let Him hang on a tree

      Am            E/G#           Am7           D2/F#        G  Gsus4   G(III)

I wept with the answer, that one earthly reason was me 



G/B         C   G/B    Am

I was the reason,

      D2/F#         Gsus4   G      E/G#

that one earthly reason

E/G#       Am    Am/G   D2/F#        

I was the guilty,

D               C    G/B    Bb

He was the sacrifice

G/B         C    G/B    Am 

I was the taker,

D2/F#        Gsus4   G   E/G#

He was the giver

E/G#         Am   Am/G    D/F#

Dying while I go free,

       Am7          D2/F#        G   Gsus4   G   Gsus4

that one earthly reason was me


The fairest of angels were not summoned from a throne in the sky

To purchase my pardon, not even the angels could die

The only provision for my freedom was destined to be

The sweet Lamb of Glory and His only reason was me



       Am             E/G#        Am7  D/F#          G

That one earthly reason, His only reason was me


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