Do you choose books off the best sellers list?

How do you choose your reading materials?

Do you choose books off the best sellers list?Getty

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Yes sometimes but mos of times i buy books which are recommended by a friend :-)

No. Because most of them are about sex and murder. The sex , I can stand, but the murder is depressing.

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It doesn't have to be the best seller. Truth is, I usually find books that are not best sellers to be more interesting. I seldom see best sellers to be really the ones that contains good contents. But I usually go for the books that I really need and want. Though I find it easier to buy books online (barnes & noble, amazon or ebay).

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Yes i do. I think it would really make you decide and figure out the best book if you just base on the best books list. I read a lot of books that came from it and i am satisfied.

Yes, I read books from the best seller lists (there are several lists).  I especially like Grisham and LeCarre, You seldom get a poorly written book on a best seller list.  Mysteries are my favorite.

Sometimes, I do check books on the best seller lists, but more often than not, I used to buy books of my favorite authors.

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