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How do you choose your reading materials?

It is an extreme rarity that I even look on the best seller list.  Most of the time these books have nothing to do with what I need, some are decidedly maudlin, and not one is even slightly related to my work.

I must admit that many of the books I read contain illustrations: mostly Feynman Diagrams describing nuclear reactions.

I suppose the main reason I avoid the best seller list is that it is a fantasy: one department of a major publisher sells a block of thirty thousand books of a given title to another department and reports the sale, then the "buyer" sells the same copies back to the original department -- without having to so much as print the hard copies.  The alleged sale of non-existent books is a scandal.  That is how we got such masterpieces as "The Accidental Tourist" on the best seller list when the book is such a disgusting loser that it might as well be a substitute for Sominex(tm). 


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Just when I was beginning to doubt you RockMike, here you come through with some truth about how "best seller" lists are made.  If an independent book store sells two copies of a title, in a weeks time, that title gets on the "best seller" list for that week.  Doesn't mean it is a good book, it's just a "best seller" at one moment in time.

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