Does chocolate have some sort of chemical change when you bake it?

After I baked a cake with chocolate chips in it, I noticed that the chips easily melted when I touched them.

Does chocolate have some sort of chemical change when you bake it?

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Yeah, sort of. Chocolate is prepared a certain way so that when it's cooked the first time, it's tempered so that when it cools, it solidified fairly hard. So you get like, Hershey's kisses and the like. When you bake the chocolate it undoes the tempering and it can't get that solid again and melts at a lower temperature.

As well, I'd be willing to bet that when chips for baking are manufactured, like many other candies, they go into a tumbler and a very thin coating of wax is put on them to make them a bit shiny and less susceptible to temperature changes.

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