How did i get chlamydia? He tested negative 3 time since i found out! I didnt cheat!

Big story: my fiancee and i have been together for 4 years, we had intercourse 1 year after we started dating. He was a virgin i believe him! So was i. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in 2007. I had my first pap last week, i know baddd, any way they tested me for chlamydia, i came out positive! Since then i had him tested 3 times he is negative all three times! And i don't believe for one minute that he cheated, so don't suggest it. So i didn't cheat and he didn't either, my gyno is addiment that in can only be transmitted sexually, someone told me it made be from having analsex and returning to vaginal sex, very likely in our situation...So i want to know if anyone had any suggestions as to how i accuired this infection and you resources..Please  let me know you thoughts

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According to Web MD:

What causes chlamydia? A certain kind of bacteria causes chlamydia. It can spread from one partner to another during vaginal, anal, or possibly oral sex.

So, it depends on your definition of "faithful".

I was a social worker and I had a client that was diagnosed with chlamydia, yet her boyfriend was asymptomatic. When she confronted him, he stated that it must have been her that was unfaithful. She cried in my arms and said he was her first sexual partner. She stated she hadn't cheated on him and hadn't even kissed another man since she met her boyfriend. He claimed that he got tested and was said to be negative. Now, because of the severity of the effects of this disease, I do believe that he got tested. So, I went back to the doctor and asked him how is this possible. He told me that if she had no previous sexual interaction of any type, then it was definitely from him. The doctor stated that the boyfriend was a carrier and could have been carrying it for up to 7 years. He went on further to say that because the boyfriend was a carrier rather than actually having the disease, that would explain why his tests keep coming up negative. In other words, the test for chlamydia only says if you are infected. If you are a carrier, you are not infected, you just pass the infection on.

Hope this helps.

Like other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), chlamydia is spread during sexual intercourse via the exchange of bodily fluids through mucous membranes in the anus, mouth, and genital areas. Because there are often no symptoms for chlamydial infection, people who are infected may unknowingly pass the bacteria to their sexual partners.

I found and read this exact quot on Hope it helps.

You may well have come into contact with the bacteria from contact contamination, very unlikely though possible on toilet paper that's in a warm moist atmosphere. That's an answer from the far side of science.

Andrew. (I got it when I was 15 and I had never had any sexual partner)

Hey guys it Ana, suppose (since the norm seems to be everyone thinks it has to be transmitted through sexual interaction) he is hypothetically going through the same thing, he REALLY didn't have any other partners and everyone is telling him that I was wasn't a virgin or I cheated. What then? Science is going to tell me that lying or infidelity is the answer? I need something more its not that I'm not willing to admit to my self that its possible that he cheated or lied. I just honestly believe I contracted it some other way. Thank you for all your answers.

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Maybe his wasn't all the way gone yet or you did pass it back to him right before your antibiotics took efect. chlamydia is very tricky that way

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