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Hello I,m hoping to get some legel advice or by somebody who has bean through this . It is about a will . Knowledge about family law an asset . but will take peoples experiances on this . My father ...

I don't blame you for worrying...some women are opportunists.

I made sure when I married my husband this time...that he took out an insurance policy to cover my needs when he dies and that his son receives his inheritance.  It's his birthright.  So everything he owns goes to his son...and his son also has an insurance policy on his Dad...and I will have enough to start over...modestly from the one my husband took out when we married.

And don't let ANY woman alienate you from your father.  Some men are too stupidly blinded by lust to know when a woman is doing that...but it happens.  No woman who truly loves a man will come between a man and his children...that is...if you have a good relationship with your father...it should NEVER happen.  DEAD OR ALIVE.

Good Luck!  I hope you don't need it.


"A daughter holds your hand for only a short while...but she holds your heart forever."
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Could it be that the 3rd wife actually fell in love with this older gentlemen, and is making his life as comfortable and pleasant as she can?  The daughter is accusing her of being a gold-digger, but does she really know anything about the relationship between her Dad and his present wife?  Like many adult children, they don't have time for their elderly parents and leave their care to someone else.  But their antennas go up when they start thinking about "their inheritance".  The writer seems to care only about money, and not her Dad or the woman who is his companion and taking good care of him.


I wrote to Windwalker privately about the woman taking care of his/her father.  And you can't tell me a 47 year old woman falls in LOVE with an 88 year old man.  It's a marriage of convenience...and I think that of course the woman who married him and who is taking care of him deserves to be taken care of also...because she IS the one taking care of him.

But if you want to judge...put yourself in the shoes of the children, too.

And notice I said..."if you have a good relationship with your father...don't let any woman come between it"

A bond between a parent and his/her children...should never be broken by a member of the opposite sex...and if it is...it is pure evil.


Babs Mc ; No one is accusing my dads wife a gold digger . My dads apperattus does not work and there is no lovey dovey between them . We are afraid whats gonna happen when he is gone . Anyone of us would gladly take him in , It is a marriage of convenience it is for him to move in the U.S. to avoid high taxes in Canada .


Windwalker...I understand where you are coming from...and you have every right to be concerned.  In fact...if I were you I would also try to get my hands on her social security number and run a check on her.  How well do you KNOW this woman?  For all you know...she could be a black widow.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Take care, Honey.





Points well taken and well made by all parties above.  I didn't notice if she said how long the elderly father has been married to this woman.  That would make a big difference in my eyes.  Perhaps the children need to take Dad for a "family only get-together" one Sunday and discuss all their concerns with him, (without the present "wife" being there).  Or they could take him back to his attorney's office, discuss their concerns with the attorney AND their father in the attorney's presence, and ask for the attorney's INPUT.  Their father may respect the attorney's opinion more than he does his adult childrens.  I know my elderly father does not respect any advice his grown daughters give him, regarding finances, stocks, etc. - but he would listen to another MALE if told the same thing.  It's worth a try.


Good advice, Babs...the best yet.


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