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Does my child have to attend Kindergarten? With 2 ...

Does my child have to attend Kindergarten? With 2 working parents who leave the house at 6:30am, and do not return till about 4 to 4:40 pm, how do we find some help to get them there and from and what not, I have called thousands of places, and no one seems to be able to help, I am about to just keep my child out of kindergarten...

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Don't you have families in your neighborhood that have children that go to the same school?  Maybe you could make arrangements for your child to go with theirs to school, and stay at their house until you get home from work.

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Yes, it's the Law that your child attend School, even Kindergarden.  Plus, you'd be surprised how advanced the Schooling System is now, by your Child simply missing Kindergarden sets them so far behind other kids their age, Academically.  Our 6 year old is already on a Computer in her Kindergarden class!   You talk about this problem getting your little one to and from School now, but how will your dilemma change next year, or years to come?  Eventually you'll have to make those arrangements.   Profitbob gave you some good suggestions.  I would add..  try a Day Care Center. Most of those places will allow you to drop your Child off as early as 6AM, will take them to and from School, then watch them along with other Children as late as 7PM.  Of coarse it will cost you, but you'll both be able to keep your jobs without any worries.   Good luck!

What about homeschooling?  Supposing that the law in a particular state or country requires a kindergarten education, the law might also allow parents to provide this education in homeschool.  There's lots of information online about

homeschooling, including ideas for working parents.

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