Do you take your children to art galleries?

Do you try to encourage your children to appreciate art through sculpture and pictures in art galleries?

Do you take your children to art galleries?Getty Images/Peter Macdiarmid

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Yes!  Make sure to mix it up.  Go to galleries as well as kid friendly, interactive museums and art shows.  More than anything, talk about art and make it fun.  Spread out the paint, paper, crayons,cotton balls, anything that looks like fun, and let them go crazy!  This allows the chance to explore color, texture, composition, perspective, and have fun doing it.  Let them get messy!  That is what soap and water are for, and how true artists are born...

I was taken to a lot of art galleries by my parents and i loved it, a great way to encourage learning and free thinking

There are also museums and science galleries available specifically for children.  Children do need such cultural events in order to try to comprehend what a person may have been thinking when their creation was made. In this way communication is taking place bringing about questions, which then can peak their interest instead of boredom.  

Is the comfort of Lord, GOD small within you?

I didn't when they were small, as prior answerers have mentioned, they find it boring.  I did try when they were teenagers, and they basically found it boring still.  So the answer is yes, I tried. 

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