Do you take your children to art galleries?

Do you try to encourage your children to appreciate art through sculpture and pictures in art galleries?

Do you take your children to art galleries?Getty Images/Peter Macdiarmid

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I have taken all my Grandchildren to at least one Art Gallery over the years. We also look forward every year to the "Winter Park Art Festival" and enjoy Key West every year. I was fortunate enough to take the older ones to France to visit the many galleries there. Hopefully the younger ones will get to go this next year..They each have their own art collection of various subject.

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I don't believe in taking very small children because they will mostly find it boring. I encouraged mine to become familiar with the arts but only ever took them to a gallery when they asked to go.

Though they find it boring, I have taken several times.

Certainly Yes, and with the proper storytelling by my wife or myself, they can come to like it, or even love it. At some point my eldest daughter (she's six now), wouldn't leave some museums.

We come from Spain and our kids are very used to art and museums, all over Spain, rest of Europe, and some here in the US.

It also depends a lot on the kind of art, they'll rather prefer modern, and the museum itself. It may include activities for the children, which facilitate the task as well.

Yes, I take my kids to art galleries, museums and any kind of cultural events.  During the summer vacation we go to a lot of these.

My family love to visit art galleries.  We find so much beauty in SOME of them.  One I was embarrassed to visit was the "Japanese Nude Exhibit" at Dallas Fair Park last June.  Scenes of passion do not disturb us, but penetrating animals . . . ..

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Always did from the time they were very young and fine restaurants also.

Read them good books, taught them about the Classics and we went to Classical concerts along with many kinds of music.

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My son is 4 and till now we've been just two times in small museums, mostly memorial houses. He gets bored fast and starts to cry, so no need to push it. But once he starts going to school I think it's necessary at least once a year to try a film, a musical, a concert and a big museum. Till he gets used and gets the taste of them.

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