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I need the forms to stop child support and where can i get the forms at.

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you can get these forms at the courthouse ,if the child turned 18 and is out of school you are no longer obligated to pay ,if it is because your income has changed you must fill out a modifacation to child suport payment you will still be responsible for any back suport

If you want it done and done right the first time do it yourself

Why don't you try the clerk of court?

They do not make this type of form. You have to use another form and put the reason as, " Other ". I explain it in my book. It is simple, but you need to double check things first, They can still reopen the case if you do not do it correctly.I have lots of experience and I was a non-custodial parent. I wrote a book to help people like you or someone in this situation. Read it and you will learn what to do: www.stoppayingchildsupport.net

Remember, you cannot avoid paying, but what I mean by saying stop paying, is pay only what you can afford and pay it off as soon as possible. Once the DCSS gets you in their system they will abuse you and make you pay more than your basic court order. I teach people about a new program to compromise or wipe-out the past due arrears. The DCSS will not tell you about this new program because they get funded by trying to collect money, not wipe-it out, but congress has passed this new law. So use it. It is in my book. You can also search google, or yahoo for:” stop paying child support, by Thomas Paine”, it will show up. Just a note, there is some quack on the internet selling a manual on how to avoid and not pay any child support. Do not believe him. No judge will let you off the hook, and if you go underground it will only make it worse, and eventually you need to come up for air.  If you have any further questions, feel free to email me.

Thomas Paine

Stop Paying Child Support, pay only what you owe. Pay it responsibly and completely, and close your case once and for all.

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