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Why does my 3 year old son hit himself in his face ...

Why does my 3 year old son hit himself in his face or head when he is embarressed, when he is told no or does not want to mind, he also hits himself when he gets nervous. I can not understand why he hits himself.

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He is not able to express himself in words so that his is his way to say how he feels !.  Remember "Actions speak louder than words".  Be patient with him, tell him that you understand how he feels, try to ?fish" the words out of his mouth ("I believe that you are very upset, am I right ?" ..... he''ll only have to reply with yes/no..... than lead him to the next question...... until you create a conversation and you'll know what he feels / wants / expects).  That will also teach him that solving problems goes through communication and mutual understanding. 

Love is the battery of life....

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