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Child with dilated pupils and behavior issues

Has anyone ever heard of this? My 5 year old son goes through periods of being very hyper, running around the house, talking excessively, not listening when told to do or stop doing something (defiant), and, here's the odd symptom, dilated pupils. When he is hyper and acting out, both of his pupils are HUGE almost to the point you can hardly tell the color of his eyes. I have considered the possibility that he may have ADHD but that does not explain his huge dilated pupils. Also, he is not taking any kind of medication at all, not even OTC or vitamins. My husband and I are stumped. If anyone has experienced this or has heard of this, the information would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I strongly urge you to have him checked first by your family doctor, and then based on what he/she says make sure that your son is given a through checkup. It is impossible to expect a proper diagnosis via the Internet, and if someone tells you they know what is wrong, I would be extremely skeptical.

I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building. I felt better right away.

After our son was seen for his 1st eye exam the optometrist sent us to a neuro opthamologist to check the pressure in his head.  Luckily it was only a psuedo-tumor causing a bulge in the back of his eye which pinches off the optic nerve & the pressure can be relieved via medicine or a spinal tap (yuck).  Scary, but can be dealt w/--same syptoms, though.

Have you ever heard of autism? My son had these symptoms and he we explained everything to the doctor. Which we took are son to childrens hospital for many test and were told aour son had severe Autism and ADHD. My son is 17 now and it has been a long journey for us. I am an advocate for the ARC. I hope you find what your looking for and best wishes.

Our 7 year old son has the same symptoms and we can't figure it out either.  We've started marking on the calendar when it starts and when it ends.  Please let me know if you have found anything out.

Hello, My 7 yr old son has the same symptoms, too.  He has always been a bit "different".  Sensory Integration Disorder has been the best way to describe some of his behaviors.  His school and I have had meetings and recently his dialated pupils have been brought up.  I have never made the connection before.  Has anyone found anything out?  I am making dr.s appt soon.

Anyone found an answer yet?  My almost six year old has these same symptoms, which came on from one day to the next.  I think it is some kind of environmental exposure to something like formaldehyde or mold, as it happened as soon as we changed bedrooms.

We did have mold testing done recently.  Although it was not a black mold we found, the mold that was very elevated was exactly what my son is highly allergic to.  Our pediatrician said she had never heard any connection with dialated pupils and a diagnosis of anything.  Although it is possibly a side effect of some medications w/ some kids.  My son is not on any meds (except for seasonal allergies as of recent).  He has always been a bit "different", nothing that was over night.  I do feel very strongly about environmental exposures and had my sons tested for food allergies, too.  I found out they had A LOT of allergies.

Our sons behaviour baffled us from the age of five to seven, as he would forever be hitting out in school, pushing, and hair pulling. We also identified periodically throughout the day his pupils would become so dilated that all you could see was two black holes. His lashing out caused us concern because it wasnt aggressive, his traits weren't that of a normal child little habits, frustration when things didnt make sense to him(irrational) etc.. there were lots of other behaviours that he exhibited like sensory- smells and touch also a lack of awareness to risk situations

He is seven now and has been diagnosed with mild Autism, and as strange as it sounds it has been like a breath of fresh air just knowing that there is a reason for his behaviours, and it has given us direction in how to deal with day to day situations...Teachers, family and friends have been very supportive in every way. There are other elements to the condition that we learned about so dont hesitate to contact us, hope this helps....

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