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Child adhd and odd in hospital programs

Child adhd and odd in hospital programs?

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Many hospitals & clinics are running ADHD child programs. There are  summer camps or summer programs are also available for your ADHD child.


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Speaking as a doctor who treats ADHD, and as the mother of a son with ADHD, this program worked wonders: http://www.add-treatment.com/total-focus-program.html

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ADHD is a disability. If you have no other options for getting his meds, I would file for disability for him so you have the money you need for the meds. Once he turns of age, he can drop the disability if he chooses- it doesn't have to be a lifetime thing. My son is ADHD, too and I have not ...

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There is much controversy about the diagnoses of ADHD these days. While some skeptics argue that ADHD does not exist (or that it is a parenting problem), research actually supports the existence of a neurological condition that results in excessive impulsivity, distractibility and inattention.