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At what age can you breed a female chihuahua?

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Better don't breed her until she is at least 2 years old.  The reason: due to their small size Chihuahuas tend to have complications during labor and relatively often the labor situation requires the vet's help.  I strongly recommend that you learn (in depth) about: Chihuahuas, breeding, heat, pregnancy, food, whelping, etc (It might be crucial !, Many dogs and pupies have lost their lives in labor due to the "ignorance" of their owners).  But it's worth, they are lovely !- aren't they ?
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I have always heard that as soon as a female dog begins to spot, then she is ready to have puppies.  It just depends on how long you would like to wait before she birth her litter.

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u can breed a dog at 2 not at 1 cause if u breed at i ur dog will die when she is give birth thtats wat happened to my dog

Sorry for bringing up old news, but I've been away on military missions and have not been in Yedda for quite some time, and was doing a little Yedda house cleaning of replies and found this. 

I have a Chihuahua, and she will never breed.  She's small, she's my baby and I'm a protective mommie.  Nonetheless, my other dog was bred at one, and did not die.

I'll search, while you wait.

my chihuahua is in her second heat and i would like to breed her, is it to soon???

My boxer was bred by the neighbors dog.  We gave her a shot to abort.  Can we now have your bred by a male boxer, or should we wait till her next cycle.

how old is to old to breed a female chihuahua

In my experience,  I start breeding my Chihuahuas at 1 and 1/2 years old.  At that time, they have the maturity to feed and take care of their pups.  When they whelp at 8 months or any time before they reach 1 year old, they are still immature and playful and often times don't feed their pups.

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