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Gays want to protest (or have already)? Chick Fil A by kissing each other in front of or in the resturant because of the owners opinion that marriage should be male/female. Doesn't a business ...

The owner treats gays and everyone alike.  But he should still be able to say he believes marriage is man/woman without any personal attacks.  If he mistreats or refuses to service a gay person, that is another story.


If a business owner is allowed to say he believes in gay marriage, so should a business owner  be allowed to say he does not believe in gay marriage.  Don't you think? 

"Taken from the movie "Titanic" "A woman dies with many secrets in her heart"
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No one is saying that he doesn't have a right to say any damn fool thing he wants.

But. That right to freedom of speech still applies to everyone.

And. Again. No one has the right to not be disagreed with.


People disagreeing with you is not a violation of your 1st amendment rights.

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All restaurants have a caveat in view of the public: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."


That includes persons who exhibit lewd and provocative behavior in fromt of their restaurant or within 150 feet of their doors.


If they persist and will not leave they can be arrested for criminal trespass.  If any assault occurs once they have been asked to leave then those who were asked to leave are by definition guilty of provocation.

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Rocmike you have started around 3 pm yesterday with your alias Ladydarko and you are still posting. So far I have seen Dave Palmer, Bob suffolk, American Patriot, anonymous and Micheal MacGilray. YOU REALLY DO NEED HELP AND A LIFE.

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