Chia Seed and Blood Pressure

I've heard a few reports about the benefits of chia seed and how it can help control high blood pressure.

I haven't met anyone who has tried it.

Have you tried chia seed for blood pressure control? If so then leave a reply here and I'll write about your experiences on my blood pressure website

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As often happens in medical research, they were trying to improve glucose levels, and saw that blood pressure dropped significantly too after taking a regular dose of Chia seeds.

Chia seeds, which come from the desert plant “Salvia hispanica” (a member of the mint family growing in southern Mexico), are healthful, edible seeds which are a better source of omega 3 fatty acids than flax-seeds.

In a preliminary study from the University of Toronto (2006), researchers gave 21 diabetics either a supplement made from chia, or grains with similar fibre content. The results were interesting. After three months, blood pressure from the chia group dropped 10 points diastolic and 5 points systolic., while the blood pressure from the grain group remained steady.

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Thanks for your answer. I now understand how Chia seed can work to lower high blood pressure

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A company called Lifemax grows and sells the champagne of chia. Dr. Wayne Coates, who has studied and eaten chia for over 17 years has painstakingly narrowed down the 4 most nutritious varieties of chia (out of approx 150) and has created a proprietary blend that offers an extremely nutritious power punch. Not all chia is created equal. No one strain of chia offers all of the nutrients.

We have had 3 people so far in our little town in North Carolina who are completely off of their high blood pressure meds after taking Lifemax's Mila (their blend of chia). Also, a head to head study done by the University of Texas Health Science Center @ Houston compared 2 scoops of Mila to the leading statin drug. This 3 month study found that Mila matched the statistically significant drop in LDL cholesterol as compared to the statin. Furthermore, Mila reduced systolic blood pressure by a statistical significance. To learn more or to buy log onto


There is a lot more to this process than what you see on the surface. One of the biggest chia seed benefits are the omega-3's which take a major role in every cell in your body. In addition the lowering of cholesterol, triglycerides and raising good HDL's. The chia seeds have a vasodilatory effect on increasing the size of your arteries and lowering blood pressure. It lowered mine 12 points and I feel great.

More Info at Chia Seeds

check out this man who used CHIA (MILA) he use to be HIgh Blood pressured and overweight.

I use to be 90/70 but still used CHIA seeds. This chia: But nothing wrong was happening to me. Now after taking my CHIA my BP went to 108/70. Hoping to get better BP sooner.

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