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Creative science Crystal growing kit instructions I have a kit and lost it and need the instructions is there a way to get them

Creative science Crystal growing kit instructions I have a kit and lost it and need the instructions is there a way to get them


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Write or email the company for replacement instructions.

I think their instructions are just:- "Dissolve the crystal growing chemicals in hot water, place a base rock into the solution and within hours crystals will start to form".

Of course just one type of crystal at a time and if the packet or box is missing, the amount of water can be guessed as a third of a glass of nearly boiling water. (Otherwise read instructions).

That 'boiling' tells you that this is an adult-controlled activity. Continue adding chemical until stirring no longer makes it dissolve.

I remember from school that the more slowly the solution cools the better the crystals, so cover the glass and wrap the glass round with an old towel or other insulating material to slow its cooling.

Have fun,

Regards - Ian

The best source I found is amazon.co.uk/Creative-Science-Crystal-Growing/dp/B002SA1AZY


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"Crystal growing" kits are fun, I must say, but there are more fun things to do with crystals.

Only amorphous substances lack a crystalline structure (and some, like glass, will surprise you.

One of the most fun experiments to do with crystals (illustrating the doping principle) is good old fashioned rock candy.

Another crystal to explore is ordinary sodium chloride -- table salt. 

There is no reason to restrict oneself to crystal growing kits.  The idea of science is to get rid of the limits and understand nature on her terms.



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