Chemical fertilizers stimulate plant growth; but ...

Chemical fertilizers stimulate plant growth; but if the concentration is too high, they may damage roots. What precautions concerning chemical fertilizers must a gardener take?


A) Apply as much as possible without damaging roots.

B) Do not apply chemical fertilizers.

C) Use only the amount recommended.

D) Use them only on some of his or her plants

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True, you are right: If you use chemical fertilizers you have 2B very carefull and provide the exact amount recommended.  However you have another option: Use natural fertilizers (compost) which are totally safe.  Even better to make the compost by yourself.
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Chemical fertilizers supply plant nutrients. They do not damage roots. A low level of plant nutrients in the soil will produce a poor plant growth. The best way to know the optimal amount to be added is by soil testing. This provides the necessary information for calculating the proper dosage. If soil testing is not available use the recommended amount.

Use of compost is a poor option.

Use only the amount recommended.

I avoid chemical fertilizers since I have small children and animals in my backyard frequently in the spring and summer.  I use natural fertilizer that is cheap!

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