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Who checks commercial pilots to make sure they are not flying under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

There are random checks done on all airline personnel concerned directly with safety. As a Purser, I was met by Supervisors after trips at the gate, and told which crewmembers (including Pilots) had to report for drug/alcohol testing. could be after any length of trip. It is conducted under strict rules and surveillance by an outside company right on the concourse. Also, a crewmember can be pulled before a trip for testing. In addition, any FAA Inspector conducting check rides, and/or any company employee who suspects another employee of being under the influence, can call for a check.   Believe me, no Pilot or Flight Attendant wants another crewmember impaired. If, God forbid, there was an accident, we depend on each other to get out of the plane too, just like the passengers. ...and want to get home safe just like them too.,  In 34 years of flying, I only was made aware of 2 incidents. ...1 quit..the other was put in rehab and on leave 2 years.

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Thank you for answering my question. I wonder if the standards are the same for foreign airlines.


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