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Do I check the oil level after the engine hase been running or before I turn the engine on?

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You should check the engine oil level after the engine has been running.

Before you turn it on.  If you have run the engine wait for at least 30 minutes before checking to assure that all of the oil has run back down to the oil pan

You should check it whilst as much oil as possible is around the engine, as it will give you a better indication of what the level in the sump is whilst the car is running which is what matters. You need to have an adequate amount of oil in the sump whilst it is running not when it is parked up, think about it.

It depends on how the dipstick was designed at the factory. Most engines should be checked before starting, or after the engine has cooled for a period of time to let the oil run back into the sump. Some engines are designed to be checked hot- Check your manual or ask the dealer/manufacturer. Too much oil can also damage your engine.

Dont know how you can say most, evry mechanic Ive ever spoken to and every car Ive ever owned and every car everyone i know has ever owned, and for that matter every engine in general Ive ever maintained say to check it when its hot.

Also if there is excess oil it does no damage to the engine, the engine will just push it out.

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