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Is he cheating?

I believe my boyfriend is cheating on me. I am afraid to bring it to his attention in case I am wrong. How should I approach this?

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Are you still going ahead with the wedding plans? My advice - do not move forward until you are sure. Do not put any money deposits down because you may never get it back.  Straighten out your relationship first before moving forward on the wedding. Best wishes!

sure way to find out if he is cheating, every time you see him, have sex with him. even if It's not the ideal time, It needs to be spontanious. If he refuses, chances are he has nothing left to give you. other signs are.

 a. always looking at other women, if he has a lover, he thinks all women want him.

b. if his love making has changed. new moves, he's learning from others

c. he always wanted sex, now it's so so!

d. you should ask, if he is, you are sharing who know's what with other's. you need to be aware. have you or your boy friend had a blood test lately?

Something is basically wrong here.  With all respect, how can you be a fiance of someone you don't trust ?   Any good relations are based on 4 pillars:  Trust + Openess + Communications + respect.  No offence but your relation miss 2-3 of those pillars.   If you can't discuss with him, openly, heart-2-heart what bothers you, you are not ready to get married.  You MUST clearify the whole issue with him.  If you can't trunst him better move on(paibful as it be) and finsd someone you can trust.  I appologise if I hurted you (I only mean to help you). 

Love is the battery of life....

get spyware and go after him and see if he is cheating on u or not get him girl we girls have power to do anything

get spyware and go after him and see if he is cheating on u or not get him girl we girls have power to do anything

I agree with the answer above.  Use spyware to find out if he is cheating on you.

Check this video out.




Talk to him personally, ask him about it. 

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The best way is to just talk to him about it.  Bring it out in the open.  Trust is everything in a relationship and it sounds like you could use some trust building skills.  If you think he is, mention it.

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