Charlie Wilson's War Roberts and Hanks

Charlie Wilson's War is opening next weekend.

Is this a good movie, or a waste of time?

Will big names like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts be enough to draw in the crowds?

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I haven't yet seen the movie, but I know for sure that any movie with Julia Roberts or Tom Hanks will bring in huge crowds... a movie with both of them is for sure going to be a hit.  I know that I will definitely go see that movie.

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I guess it would be help but the most important is that the concept of the story. another one, watching a movie is also depend on the field of interest of the viewers...

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Here are some non critical reviews:

New Movie Reviews. Watch the trailer, read the reviews, and then judge for yourself. I hear it is supposed to be good. It was nominated for a globe.
I love movies!

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