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Tadpole blew it again. Bout all you can expect from a leftist.

Tadpole had her chance and flunked 5th grade -- again. That's real bad when she can't pass a 5th grade test and then she calls every body else stupid. Well, leftists play games ...
  Posted 2 months ago .


Why do leftists all have to lie?

No one believes leftists: it s obvious that every word these people say is an outright lie. The thing is, leftists only want to insult you, act out hatred, act out in the pettiest ...
  Posted 49 minutes ago .


Who Said That??

"The biggest problems that we're facing right now have to do with the president, George W. Bush, trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through ...
  Posted 15 minutes ago .


I refused to work for a Democrat in 2010. Must I endure further hatred and tormnent?

I refused to go to work for a Democrat in 2010. I didn't like his racist attitude, his hatred of working people, or his demands that I NOT adhere to OSHA (because OSHA was signed ...
  Posted 15 hours ago .


Opposite of false memory syndrome

Is there a psychiatric disorder which could be the opposite of false memory syndrome; where instead of remembering personal stuff that never happened, the person denies that real ...
  Posted 2 hours ago .