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Asked: About Oliver Kahn. I'm doing a research assignment ...

1. What sporting event happened during this time period that was most interesting to you, and why? Give the date of this event.For No. 1, you have to name a specific sporting event that happened ...

Asked: How to do math for

How much is 3.899 a gallon I was wondering how do I calculate this problem, because anytime I pass a gas sign it says 3.899

Asked: Walter Haas Should be Charged With TREASON

Please call the police and the VFW,Disable American Veterans,American L,Oath,etc.And circulate my topics to the vets,so they will come after me.First Amendment to US Constitution seems to ...

Asked: Home

schoolingcan another home school reacher teach children not her own

Asked: Women's oppression in Twilight

I am going to write an essay about women's oppression in the twilight series. But I don't understand fully what my teacher means with the task. Any views?

Asked: Changing worksheet names.

When using Excel 2007, how do I change the name of worksheet1; to worksheet2?

Asked: What is 3/8 of 12

what is 3/8 of 12

Asked: What is 3/8 of 12

what is 3/8 of 12