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What was the "change" that you had come to understand Barack Obama was promising to bring to the country during his campaign? And has your view changed at all since he has taken office?

Hey Buddy,

I went to a meeting last night that changed my life. I am going to post a copy of the email I sent to my son. The bottom line, left right, republican democrat, we now ALL have a mission. Please read the email and offer some suggestions in the battle that we all have before us.

Thanks in advance for your help.


BUCK,             I had an opportunity last night to attend a most unique meeting. It was        held by a group called the Florida Security Council which is        Headquartered in Boca Raton. I will be honest with you I had no idea        what to expect when I walked through the door of the Renaissance Hotel,    which is one of the premier hotels in Boca Rotan.        The only reason I mention the name of the hotel is to impress upon you        the fact that this was not a meeting of “Tea Bagging Rednecks”. We had        Viet Nam war heroes, nationally syndicated radio hosts, a member of the        British House of Lords, and of course the guest speaker Geert Wilders.      Mr. Wilders is a member of the Holland House of Parli  ament and heads up      The Freedom Party. Mr. Wilder will most likely be the next Prime      Minister of Holland. He is on the Islamic hit list, and had    no less than 4 highly trained bodyguards at his side. The security was    impressive, and you will understand why after seeing the video. The Muslim fanatics    want him dead.             The meeting was held with the main focus of educating the participants      on the THREAT of Fundamental Radical Islam or, quite frankly the risk    they impose on the American way of life. How they are quickly taking    over Europe, and if current trends continue, they will control Europe within two decades. More importantly    how they are conquering the world without firing a shot. How they are using    our laws of freedom, free speech, and the current trend by our Politically      Correct Elite, to destroy and conquer within. They are achieving their        goal in Europe, and in the States as well. Right under     our noses. As Mr. Wilders stated, “They have the time, they have the will, and      they have our system of political correctness at their disposal. It is    their mission to destroy us from within. They are not a religion, but are no more    than are a sadistic ideological form of government that rivals the likes of    Hitler, Mussolini, and Stal  in. They want our lives, our children’s lives, and our country.    They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.             Why do the Muslims want him assassinated? I am going to give you some      quick directions that leads you to an excerpt of his film “FITNA”. Once      you view this clip you will know the answer. One quick note that I had      no clue about. The radicals have formed a group called, “THE MUSLIMS OF      AMERICA”. What I am about to tell you is not some paranoid conspiracy      theory. What this group is doing is happening literally in our backyard. The      training facilities that this group has under its wing are in 21 locations        throughout the United States. We have three of these camps in Virginia.      THREE!!!! The locations are in Fairfax, Red House, and Meherrin. They    are in OUR OWN BACK YARDS. If you do not remember anything about this    email, remember the words, "Sharia Law". They are now the scariest two words    in my and your vocabulary.      The definition is in the video. Watch it and you will understand.             As I am sitting here writing this email, I am watching the debate over      how President Bush tortured these poor souls after they killed 3000      Americans. This assault on President20Bush is a travesty of the gravest      proportions. It is my opinion that this ploy by the Obama administration      is exactly that, a ploy. It has taken the eyes of the nation off of      their true agenda, and that is to pass all of the massive socialistic      programs that are before Congress as we speak. It is the classic use of      MISDIRECTION, and they are achieving the goal. We need to start getting      POLITICALLY INCORRECT and let our so called leaders in Washington know    that this is OUR COUNTRY, and WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT      ANYMORE! NOT ON OUR WATCH!!             Please do yourself, and your family a favor. Please take 8 minutes to    look at what is occurring in Europe as we speak, and also what is happening in    America.        You be the judge of what can happen here? Then we as Americans need to      make a choice. Keep our heads in20the sand, or start fighting back. We    have done  it many times before to save our way of life, and we can do it again.  Buck, we are going to have to. We have NO choice!             To watch the video click on the Florida Security Council link. Once the     screen comes on scroll down to GEERT WILDERS. Click on his box. When      the screen pops up scroll down and on the left hand side you  will see      the video. Click and watch like you would do with a U Tube video.             Brandon Pettit Sr.        1-804-247-0400  

If it is right, it is right! If it is wrong it is wrong. It is our obligation to ourselves to make the proper call. It is the call to truth as we see it, not the truth as others see it.
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