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What was the "change" that you had come to understand Barack Obama was promising to bring to the country during his campaign? And has your view changed at all since he has taken office?

Of course,  Obama went to the far left. He was already there. Too bad that people didn't read about his socialist uncle, his training by the socialist Saul Alinsky to be a good  "community organizer", believe that his association with William Ayers (a socialist) meant anything, and all the other things there I found on the Intenet  and that  were readily available to EVERYBODY!

Yes, there is some unknown agenda. Even after reading lots of books about the Federal Reserve, run by the Bilderbergers (secret world leader group with bankers leading  it), I still don't know for sure.

To believe the books, they want to make the world without wars and famine. But on the way, they seem to have no problem with African  genocide from their financing the corrupt leaders there. Many are Zionists, so what is planned for the Middle East? They already have a great proportion of the world's wealth but supposedly they want to essentially enslave the rest of the world, as it was when kings ruled over peasants. They don't need  more wealth and they already have the  power to make countries rise and fall, backing both sides of pretty much every war for 200 years.

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