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How to change aol homepage/welcome page from german to english?

How do I change my aol homepage default from AOL.de to AOL.com?  I am an American and I have lived in Germany since 2005 and today when I signed on my welcome page came up in German and I can't access AOL.com at all.  I checked to see if my language preferences changed but it was still set to English.  What gives?

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Well, it sounds like you will need to download an English version of Firefox or find some other way to force IE to let you access AOL.com or AOL where language=en, based on what I read on this website:


We have the same problem with AOL by the way, which is keyed to the language of the browser used. For AOL, we thus use our English-language Mozilla Firefox version, because AOL under IE otherwise redirects us to the German pages of AOL, even though we explicitly select aol.com and not aol.de. The reason for this is that the language of the Internet Explorer installation is tied to the language of the Microsoft Windows version installed on the computer. If you buy a computer in e.g. Germany, the default versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system and IE browser are all in German and there is no way to get English versions, which makes Internet Explorer a washout for AOL overseas.

Thanks for the quick responses.  I have an American spec computer that I brought over with me in 2005.  Additionally I access the net via AOL 9.1 and have for quite some time now.  It is just today that the German welcome page has started popping up.  I'm wondering if the local ISP had done something to make this happen.  BTW, my router is secure.

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