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How to tap a cell phone with free software i have a cheating wife

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Sorry about the cheating wife, it would be a lot easier and non-felonious to hire a private eye to follow her to trysts.  Seriously, what you're looking for is illegal in every state. 


In the good old days (before digital gmrs and the communications privacy act) I just tuned my scanners to the appropriate frequencies and listened to my heart's content.

For those outside of U.S. Jurisdiction, there is an Israeli firm (Comverse Infosys) that will capture the calls for a price.  They used to do it for the U.S. Government but got caught selling to both sides.


The only foolish question is that which remains unasked.

Sorry, the company implicated was Amdocs.  Comverse is simply suspected.  They provided most of the wiretapping equipment for state and federal agencies during the Clinton years, and double bugged, offering collected intelligence to the highest bidder.  They would be the ones to contact if your request is outside of  U.S. jurisdiction.

The only foolish question is that which remains unasked.

So your trying to learn how to tap a cell phone. There are several software programs that will allow you to tap a cell phone. First of all you are NOT going to find FREE software to tap a cell phone. Anything free is always a rip off. Make sure you dont download anything from any of the freeware sites because that will either infect your computer or spy on you. Here is an informative site that will show you how to tap a cell phone. http://tapcellphone.com

I do agree, u don't find nice stuff for free off the net. Especially if it's this nice. Do pay and get good things, that is if u are in a country without such regulations for what u want to do.

why i can tap my friend cell phone

The best way to tap a phone is by using software from a pc to plant malware and then tracking the device. It is fairly easy to do, and this place has software that does this.  http://www.cellphonespy.info/


The software they send has instructions in it...

Cell phone tapping is nothing new.   It use to be that the government was the only people that could tap cell phones.  

Now ANYONE can download cell phone spyware software and install that spyware on cell phones to tap a cell phone.



Cell Phone Spyware Video!

check it out. They also have a free phone spyware report that you can download.



Wow! There are lots of products listed here! My favourite is Spybubble :)


It lets you track numbers dialled, received, texts sent and received and even the location of the caller on google maps!

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