Do celebrities have morals?

Do celebrities have morals?

If Paris and Britney are friends, then why is Paris hanging out with Kevin Federline in Vegas, and spending time alone in hotel rooms?  Doesn't this seem a bit wrong?

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I think Paris lacks everything: a brain, tact, morals, personality, smarts; you name it, she's lacking it (except for money of course). Next, I think Kevin is looking for attention. Remember, his only claim to fame is being Mr. Spears and a never-was rapper; (remember that ad that the MTV Music Awards played right before Britney came out to open the Awards - he's working at a fast food joint dreaming of rapping hahaha); hanging with Paris will definitely keep his name in the news. That's what he realizes will help his "career." Lastly, I don't think Britney and Paris are "real" friends. I think they pretend to be friends for the media (in spite of Paris spending a couple thousand dollars for Britney's birthday gift this past year - remember, this is pocket change for her). And if the two really are friends, Paris is the worst kind of friend anyone can have.

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I think you have combined two questions into one generality. Not all celebrities lack morals and do lead ethical lives. The problem is that they often live in a different world with so many temptations that they are unable to resist. I really don't know how to answer your question about Paris, Britney and Kevin because they do not interest me and I don't know enough about them. Sorry I am unable to answer and sorry for them.

Who would do this to one's friend.

If this is true this is disgusting..are there any morals left in this world? 

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i always believed that morality is really into the person.. and its very rude to say that they have no morals, all of us have, but in a different perspective and beliefs.

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Lol @ Allison!I agree.I think Paris will stand next to ANYONE to be photographed which is creepy.She doesn't realize that she's famous for being super dumb and pathetic.The reason the photogs watch her is to catch her doing something stupid.As for the rest of them,I'm sure they aren't all morally corrupt (Tom Cruise discluded from generalization-he's a humanoid).I think you always have to sell your soul a little bit to achieve fame,but the ones who travel to Africa to feed the orphans and DON'T need a spread in OK! to tell the world about what a great person they are,are ok in my book.

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are also humans.. not all of them has no morals.  Paris is a different person, she is not bothered by the situation she was presently in right now, if she does there will be no humor about her being with Britney's (her friend) ex-husband.
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Well.. if it's true.. I don't need friends like Paris.. For me, a true friend has respect and trustworthy.   

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