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What is the cdt code for a locator implant attachment?

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According to CDT 2009/2010 (p. 163), the locator implant abutment is
coded as D6056 (prefabricated abutment, including placement) and
the locator denture male cap is coded as D5862 (precision attachment,
by report).

Source: http://www.dental-ins-solutions.com/samples/2009-sample.pdf

Root Retained vs. Implant Retained Overdentures
Most dental practices are aware that a complete overdenture retained
by natural teeth is reported using D5860, and a partial overdenture
retained by natural teeth is reported using D5861. However, some may
not be aware that complete and partial overdentures supported by
implants are billed as D6053 and D6054, respectively.

Coding Locator Attachments

An increasing number of dentists are using locator attachments and
asking which code(s) to bill. There are primarily two types of locator
attachments. One is called a locator root attachment, and the other
is called a locator implant attachment. The locator root attachment is
used with root retained overdentures and is coded as D5862, precision
attachment, by report.

A locator implant attachment is used to attach an overdenture to an
implant and has two components:

1) A titanium abutment (locator abutment), and
2) A locator denture male cap that is cured into the denture with
acrylic resin. The metal male cap has a nylon retention insert
(shown in the picture above) that snaps onto the locator

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