What is causing my bad circulation and how should I fix it??

I am small (4'9, 95lbs) and I have really bad circulation. I am not a health freak, but I am not unhealthy, and I do not have high blood pressure. However, I cannot sleep through the night without either an arm or leg, or sometimes more than one limb, falling asleep. I often wake up in the middle of my sleep and have to move the lifeless limb. I can't sit still during the day, and I can't be positioned certain ways when I try to relax, because I know I will lose circulation. When I have to get blood taken, I pass out because I can feel the blood being taken from me, and it leaves me very weak, and often takes minutes to an hour for my body to recover (and for me to feel the blood in me again). But I am still left weak for the rest of the day. I am only 21. What is wrong with me?

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I think you should definitely see a doctor, not because what you're describing sounds life-threatening or anything, just because what you have is a common thing, and I'm sure there are things that a doctor could suggest.  I actually have the same exact problem with giving blood.  People have always thought I was afraid of needles or something and that's why I pass out, but I always describe exactly what you've described.  Talk to a couple doctors, and I hope that you can feel better. 

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massage your feet daily with rosemary oil and oil mixed togeter .Kissafter you wake

i was interested in the answer to the question why arms and shoulders go to sleep while im sleepiming and what to do about it but your answer see a doctor doesnt quite cut it with me you passing the buck or dont know or just plain cant comment what are you there for taking up space do you have an answer or not

an answer is being looked for not passing the buck do you know the answer and are you allowed to give it or is this just something to take up space

Bad circulation is all related to blood sugar. This is not just for diabetics. The average American has a poison blood sugar problem that is causing impotence,heart disease and diabetes2. See here http://spirithappy.wordpress.com/new-type-2-diabetes-diet-cure/

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