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What could cause me to see everything green when I first wake up

What could cause me to see everything green when I first wake up?

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This is strange are you taking any medicine? Are you a heavy smoker ? There might be a problem with your color vision.

I am not a smoker. I was taking dayquil and nyquil for a couple of days before this happened.

This is a strange side affect. I think you should contact your doctor .

Oh my gosh I have this exact same thing!!! Please tell me what your doctor says. I'm now pretty sure it is because I was sleeping with my light on.

I saw an acupuncturist and she told me that it is a color you can see if you are in a very deep sleep and the color is a healing color from your liver. i'm not really sure what that means. She also told me that if I would have seen red when I woke up that I would have had a stroke. Again not sure why.

It happens to me too! I think it may be because we were in such a deep sleep

This happened to me only a few weeks ago.  My off white blinds appeared green!  I was scared silly until I found a reasonable explanation from eye doctors on websites.

If you sleep in a room with sunlight streaming in, when you awake, your eyes need to adjust from the "red light" that filters through your closed eyelids (I dozed off facing an open window with bright sunlight coming in).  Your brain is adjusting when you wake up so for a moment or two, you perceive that opposing greenish tint until it readjusts fully.  Mine went away in a moment when I blinked.  Some have said it stayed with them for a few minutes.

Campers or sunbathers sometimes report this effect after napping outside too.

Seems that YeddaLuvr experienced this also from sleeping with the light on.  Same principle here.  Wink

All  normal with this scientific explanation.  Of course it's probably always a good idea to run it by your doc the next time you have an exam; however, according to my research, no eye diseases are associated with this phenomenon.

Hope we all feel a little better now.   Next time, I'll nap with shades on. Cool

This also happened to me.  Everything including walls, curtains, furniture was a bright green. I am under extreme stress.  I liked the answer above which explained the healing and hope this is the reason.  But it is probably the "light answer".  I was also sleeping in the daytime.  This is a neat site.   Maryellen

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