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The cause of Obama's impeachment. Attorney General Eric Holder withheld BATFE documents from Congress during their criminal investigation of Obama's Operation Fast and Furious related to the deaths ...

It appears that his days are numbered as the law suits continue to pile on related to his abuse of Executive Orders which by the way he is now working on one giving him the power to shutdown the net in a time of crisis.

Congress said "Hell no" so as usual he is using his fancy little busy pen to bypass them but eventually like the Devil who tried to outsew the little tailor by using a long thread and got all tangled-up so has Obama entangled himself.

A boot to the backside ASAP Issa is keeping score as are many others.  His would be a short celebration if he wins again.

Lady Darko

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How is that Fast and Furious thing going for you Far right extremist social conservative racist hate mongering birther teabaggers? It seems to be working out as well as the Birther thing. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA


I see no credible case that could win this election for Obama.  To date all of Obama's chicanery has backfired severely, his adolescent hard cored rug abuse and adult onset alcoholism have made Obama the source of the Democrats' worst embarrassment since Clinton.




Leftists delight in being publicly humiliated, ridiculed, and proved idiots by their peers.  For these perverse and mentally disturbed people that is their highest career goal.  They have acheived it by sheer dint of bitterness and stupidity.




Leftists will always resort to duplicity and fraud.  Do not expect these people to improve.  Once a barbarian, always a criminal.

Anonymous Comment

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