Caught wearing panties

My Mom caught me wearing my sister panties once. What type of punishment  would fit the crime??

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Make you wear her bra

I think you should be made to wear her kotex pads too.  That's one way you can keep her panties clean.

Get over it.  They are only underwear.  Girls wear boxer shorts.  Nobody says anything.

If I were your mother, I would ask you why you were wearing panties.  Depending on the answer, I would try to embarrass you by taking you shopping for girl's undies.  The important thing here for your mother would be to follow through with her threat and buy you the items.  Time will pass and you would either stop wearing girls stuff or like me and develop a fetish for wearing woman's lingerie.  GOOD  LUCK !

There is no crime to punish. She should encourage you to explore who you truly are. No, young man there has been no "crime" committed! I've worn women's clothes off and on for most of my life...and I'm 57! There's nothing "wrong" with fact I wish it were not thought of as "wrong" by society. After all, women wear men's clothes all the time, and nothing's said about it.

I think you're an idiot for saying that. Lots of men like women's clothing and women wear men's clothing EVERY DAY and nothing's said about it!

His mom should make him kiss his sister's bare ass cheeks every day for 3 weeks.  Of course he might like kissing ass.  I know I would kiss her ass.

I think your mother should petticoat you for a month. and let your sister pick out what you wear. that has to be the dumbist thing i have ever heard, wearing sisters panties. your sister should also make you go where ever she goes petticoated.


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