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Caught my bf in a diaper!!!!

any girls or wives ever bust their boyfriends/husbands wearing a diaper?  If so, what did you do and how should I handle this problem?

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If you caught him, it probably means there's this issue now...

It is a fetish, though possibly not one of the most common ones.

I think you should discuss this. If you can live with it, this should not be a deal breaker.

if sexual fetishes don't particularly bother you, then you could join in -- surprise him with one of those candy pacifier rings.

if it bothers you & you don't think you'll be able to accept/participate in this particular game, then you'll have to seriously re-evaluate the status of your relationship. 

IOW, this is probably not his first diaper & there's probably more "toys" than you've seen so far. 

from personal experience, a couple can have a lot of fun with fetishes & if there's something fetish-y that *you'd* like to explore, then there's an opportunity.  tit for tat, as it were.


yaz pistachio

I got caught wearing Adult Cloth Diapers And Adult Plastic Pants and I was happy.

Invite all your girlfriends over and have a baby shower.  Dress your baby reall cute then send him back to his Mommy.

Take babies picture so if he tries to leave you will show the pictures to his guy friends.  Before the baby shower is over call his Mommy to pick him up and as they leave tell her if she needs a babysitter give you a call.  LOL <evil Grin>

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