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I have an older queen (Siamese mix) who constantly ...

I have an older queen (Siamese mix) who constantly "quarrels" verbally at the two younger male cats (Maine Coon mixes) I have. She will also lash out at them and in general, doesn't seem happy with them being there. Is there any way I can calm the conflict?

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When do you got the younger cats? Does they annoy her or she's just the one feeling uncomfortable with them? Maybe you can set up some play time with treats ready for all of them that they could play and introduce themselves. But if the case that they're just getting along better then suddenly the older cat act weird over them, maybe a health issue is going on to her.

You need to tell us the order in which you got your cats and how long you have had them.  Bringing in the two males to a home that your female was once the boss of is never easy.  She may never let them be.  She sees your home as her territory.  Some cats are not meant to share their home with other cats or other animals.  The best you can do is always reassure hewr that you love her, but I doubt if you will be able to change much of what you have going on.  If your female is the newer cat, she is battling for her own territory.  She wants her own space and may not be able to share your home either.  It takes a very long time to add cats to a family.  Cats are not like dogs.  They don't eagerly enbrace new friends.

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