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My good friend's cat brings in live mice into her ...

My good friend's cat brings in live mice into her house. Her cat is a brother to my 2 cats (all from the same litter, same mom). My cats don't do this. Why would a cat bring in live mice and moles? I know cats bring in dead animals but why live ones?

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You are all correct to my experience. I have multiple cats and it seems that the "catch" is now in their territory, cannot flee or fly as easily as if it was outdoors.  I find my littermates all engage in the conquest and it seems to be a real form of entertainment and excitement.  Even the meek cats will have a chance at live prey which thrills them SO !!!!  I have learned to try to free most of the captures before they kill because mine, even with claws, bring in trophy's without so much as a pinhole.  I am not nearly as squeamish as I used to be, and have figured out good ways to capture and release their "toys" more food for they are surely well fed !!! Enjoy your brilliant companions !!! I sure do !!! M

I think it's really funny to watch my friend freak out.  She literally will sit on the counter and scream as the mouse runs around.  Usually her husband will come and get it out with a broom.  Jack (cat) gets so mad!

Hi Crazy ~

My girl cat hunts rodents . . . . . . . . . .  mice, red squirrels, chipmunks, and often brings them live into the house.  Most of the time, she waits for me to praise her and then she kills and eats them.  A live toy is always more interesting than a sedentary toy, and my cat feels safer eating in her home than out in the open where she is vulnerable.  It reminds me of leopards who drag their prey up a tree to keep it safe while they eat it.  My cat looks like a panther, so the leopard metaphor really works.  Domesticated cats are still animals, and if you allow them to go outside and to hunt, they will usually exhibit those behaviors.

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Good Norm, and think you are right ... why some differ on that; why do people differ (incl brother and sister).

But I am thinking her friends cat is smarter.  It wants her friend to know this "prey" i hunted and bring back to you is very "fresh" for you to eat .... look it's STILL moving; i did not kill it".     LOL


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I am no animal behavioral scientist, so this answer lacks any scientific backup.  Having said that, I think they bring them in to toy around with.  I have seen my cats corner a small animal (or insect, or spider) and just sort of "play" with it although both my cats are accomplished assassins and eventually killed what they were "Toying" with. Hope this helps.  Norm

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