Do cats come back home?

my Cat jumped out of our window cuz he seen another cat.  We tried getting him but he kept on running from us.  Do cats come back to there homes?

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Was it from a car window or your home window? Don't worry  you will find it . When cats are at their territory they mark it with their scent this helps them recognize home. When they are out side they are in a totally different environment   and there are a lot of distractions. They have a super sensitive sense of smell and they may get lost . You have to look for it a night when things are quite . Your cat is pretty confused right now and scared

here are a couple of good tips on how to get it back.

It should. 

A cat followed this girl home and so she went door to door in our neighbourhood asking people of it was their cat. Since it was so skinny, smelled bad, and was just overall in rough shape, My friend took him in. Now she is allergic to cats, so her cats are all outdoor and live in her garage. She kept the cat inside for about 7 days and let him outside with supervision. (Not on a leash).  Then she eventually let him outside without supervision. He was still supposed to stay in the yard, though. Since there are no fences that seems pretty hard. But he stayed. He only left the yard a couple times. So eventually they let him rome wherever he wanted. It didn't take him very long to figure out that this is his new home. 

Now your cat may not be as smart. But he should figure out that your house is his home. He should be back soon. 

But in some cases the cats do not find their way home.

I hope your cat comes back.

Hope this helped.=)


Yes cats do come back. I work at a childrens farm. In total the farm has five cats. Belinda one of the cats once disappeaerd of the farm. She found her way back four days later. I hope your cat will to but I can't garntee that.

My sister's cat leaves for a couple of days when he goes out on the prowl;  then he comes back usu. beat up.  The first time he left she was really worried but I knew what he was up to.  This also occurred with a female cat I had.  She was gone for about a week and finally came home pregnant.  After that she got fixed.  We had a very beloved cat that didn't get along with another cat we had and would usu. hang out accross the street or disappear daily.  She finally left for good.  Our cats have had the freedom of indoors and outdoors.  We currently have two cats.  One that goes out on the prowl and one that never leaves ever, she was adopted and seems to appreciate it and never goes.  If we go for a walk she cries from the yard; she doesn't want us walking away either.

Yes, absolutely but you should not wait for your cat. You need to go looking for him/her in any way you can. Online, posters, vets, etc. Good luck. Many cats will return home by themselves. mMy ct got away chasing something but came back home. Since I lived in an apartment complex and he was skittish, I had to keep looking for him and I found him near my apartment window hiding due to other people being around. Shake his treats when you go looking too.

Yes, cats come back home. We have an inside outside cat who had gone outside and did not come back for about 6 weeks. We think someone tried to take him in and when he got out again he came back home. It was very unexpected but we were ecstatic about his return.

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This was posted 10 months ago?

If this is a cat that stays inside all the time; Probably not.  He has not developed survival skills to live in the wild, If He is declawed, he will not be able to catch food of fight off predators.  If he if not neutered, and the other cat was a female in heat; this would explain his motivation catch up with the female cat - have you checked with the owners of that cat? 

I hope you have checked with animal control; they would be listed in your area in the government pages if they had your cat, they will give it back to you (you may have to pay a fee) but if your pet is found, that is where a stray is usually placed first. 

If he was a Purebed cat, the next place to check is the Humane Shelter nearest you or a recuse league specific to the breed.  In a good city, the Animal Control is networked closely with the Humane shelter and Rescue Leagues, so often they will try to give any purebred pets a temporary home  with one of those  sources.  Unfortunately, there is a huge over-population of cats on the street; so act fast, they will euthanize your cat if he is at he City's Animal Control Facility; they have limited space and a lot of animals, so when a pet goes there, if it is unclaimed or not adopted, they will eventually euthanize him it for cage space. I know it sound archaic, but it is the sad truth. The Humane shelters and rescue groups will generally  keep the  cat until it is adopted  (the exception is if  a pet comes to them  and is very sick or aggressive).  Now I have seen pets come into the shelters sick or aggressive and they keep them overnight to allow  the animal to settle into their environment before assessing their adoptability).

I'm sure you loved your cat; but leaving the window open was irresponsible...  Actually, if he is in a Humane shelter or a  Rescue Group; they may not let you have your cat back since he was lost in a careless way.  If you manage to find him, anticipate going through lots of paperwork to get him back.  These groups are designed an animal's welfare above all; that means, if they think your cat would be better in a different home (due to the fact that the situation in your home enabled him to run away). They are required to do this for the pets' safety. God willing you find your pet, know that they may be hesitant to give him back it's their job to use their descretion.  If you are cooperative and apologetic, it will help your case.

God Bless and keep looking.   





99.9% of the time cats come back.  my kitty came back after 4 days and only lived with us for about 3 hours before she took off. unless someone decided to "save" her she/he will be back

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