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My cat eat paper and thing that are not food what can i do?

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Keep the paper out of your cats way!!  What are you feeding your cat?  What kind of toys does your cat have to play with?  My cat shreds paper.  If you leave a piece on the floor, it will be turned into confetti in no time.  You need to watch out for pantyhose, tinsel, and many plants.  Give your cat cat grass.  You can buy it in almost every pet store on the planet.  Buy her catnip, which she can eat and enjoy.  Cosmic Catnip seems to be the best.  You need to replace the bad behavior with an acceptible one.  Praise her when she plays with a ball or a wand toy or the catnip and simply take the other things away.  You have to "cat proof" your home the same way a parent needs to childproof their home.  You have the larger brain.  Think like a cat.  Never hit a cat and never scream at your cat.  Cats act out in other ways when unhappy, so just learn what the cat enjoys eating that it shouldn't, and keep it away from them.

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gold...this is unsual for a cat to eat just anything, normally they are very picky...perhaps you shoule leave more dry food out during the day, and only give the cat canned or fresh food in the evening...they tend to rest better after a full tummy and not roam so much...Hope this helps!

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Gold, this is not just cats . I have a dog almost a year old,and he loves books, boxes, tags on underside of throw rugs,eating CAUTION labels on extension or any other kind of cord. See it's not just cats, I think it's nosey anmals in general.Let's hope they outgrow it before they get electrocuted. It hasn't killed his appetite either and the vet said he's healthy but hide the glue.I think he likes the glue on these things he eats. Maybe both yours and mine will outgrow this stage. Good luck.

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it's really unusual for cat.. wow

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