My cat swallowed some plastic, when will it come out?

My cat swallowed a small piece of plastic wrapping sheet two days ago. I called the vet and he said that I should keep an eye on the cat and try to find the plastic in the feces, and if I find it and the cat looks healthy I have nothing to worry about. I didn't find it in the feces but the cat behaves as usual. For how long can the plastic stay in the cat's body?

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Hi ralph,

My dog once swallowed a nylon stocking(don't ask me why), I was scared to death that he would choke on it . Anyways if I remember correctly it came out after a week or so. One thing which you should keep a look out is when it comes out the dog might need some help. When my dog finally let it out it got stuck , I assume you can understand why.

Good luck .

It should take about a week. Just keep track of your cat to see when it happens.

Has it come out? Is the cat ok?

I guess it came out - the cat seems to be perfectly healthy and never showed any signs of stress since he swallowed that piece of plastic. Thanks for caring :)

As long as it's a small piece of plastic, I doubt your cat will have any problems digestively. That's where the dangers of strings and other odd objects, which once they become entangled, can kill your kitty. My own cat had rubber band fixations, and it was evident to me seeing as her pooping rituals and schedules weren't normal (being attentive helps).

Finding the stupid rubber band in her feces further confirmed my suspicions, hereby banning such things and plastics from her furry reach. To reassure you though, if my cat can be fine after eating a rubber band or two (or three+, knowing her...) I'm sure your kitty will be fine if it's just a piece of plastic.  If you want to just be safe though, consider changing her food to something like nutro's indoor cat formula that targets good digestion (among other things like less smelly poop). Good luck!

Hey Ralph


You Were Right For Taking Him Straight To The Vets. If Yo Could Not Find Traces Of The Plastic In The Cat's Feacie's, It Was Probably Dissolved By His Stomach Acid & Left The Body In Its Urine

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