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Cat Sick -Can they take Penicillin, Stuffy nose, Won't Eat

Can cats take penicillin? My cat has a stuffy nose and will not eat. I notice on some old cat medication that it contained amoxicillin 50mg. i have one table 500 mg of penicillin and wonder if i can giove any to him at all. i am in financial troubled due to a divorce and can't spend any money so am tring to find a way to help my cat. i tried saline drops in his nose also vicks rub on his nose to help his breathing. Cats will not eat when they can not smell.

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Cats can take penicillin if you know the right dose, my cat weighed 12.8 lbs. So i gave him 50mg twice a day and i made an educated guess, because i had an old box from cat meds saved and it had 50mg of amoxicillin twice a day, but i was broke an just couldn't afford a huge vet bill, but i sure wasn't going to do nothing for my cat either.  Cats normally won't eat if they have a stuffy nose, you can you use saline drops up theirs nose to help decongest.  The saline drops i used were the kind a contact lens wearer would use in their eyes. You can try putting them in a bathroom with lots of steam in the room, from a hot shower, and this was told to me by my vet. My cat became very dehydrated, i had to take him to my vet, my vet allowed me to take home the iv bag of fluids, because i know how to give injections, so he saved me alot of my by not having to leave him there.  He is doing so much better, and the dr. Was surprised how i figured out the penicillin, said my cats lungs were clear!  Yeah!!   Mary ellenWink 

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