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Cat food?

What kind of cat food do you feed your cat? Do you feed your cat soft or canned food and hard food? My one cat gets hard and soft food and the other cat gets food bought at the Vets. I try to change up the food too, who would want to eat the same thing day after day? Friskies is one of their favorites.

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I tend to use both dry and canned food, and every now and then a treat like tuna. That way the cats don't get picky about their diet, and I think a varied diet is healthier.

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you use hard food at all times!!! and canned food at supper time.i use fancey feast!!!!

Hi, messy i gave Homemade Cat Food
I My feed cats homemade diets. These diets generally consist of some form of cooked meat or raw meat, ground bone, pureed vegetables, taurine supplements, and other multivitamin supplements. Although cats are naturally resistant to many of the bacteria that raw meats contain, meat can sometimes also contain parasites and other harmful organisms and for this reason raw meat is sometimes frozen for periods of time before being used.


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i feed my cats  a combination of premium grain free dry food and premium wet food, they love blue buffalo wet food and wellness. I also make them cooked homemade meals, which they love.How To Choose A Healthy Dry Cat Food

I feed my one cat Hills Science food and the other whatever I pick up at the store.  The one that eats the regular food also eats soft food once a day.  I usually get Friskies.

I give dry food to my cat.  Dry cat food provides exercise for your cat's teeth and removes excess tartar. It can also be kept out longer for feedings than wet food without spoiling or insect infestation.



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