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Why is my cat throwing up every few days then he's ...

why is my cat throwing up every few days then he's fine for a few days then starts all over with the vomiting?He had blood work done and the blood work came out ok !!

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What is he throwing up? Is it food, or clear fluid, hair? Often cats will throw up hairballs if they're not getting enough fiber and liquid in their diet. It's not a good idea to feed strictly a dry food diet, esp. with a cat that tends to throw up. If it is hairballs, you can feed a dry food that is made to help prevent hairballs. There are also several haiball treatments you can use-they sort of look like toothpaste tube- and they come in flavors like tuna, salmon, malt. Your cat may or may not lick it off your finger. If not, you just have to open his mouth and wipe it on the roof of his mouth, then shut his mouth to assure he swallowed it. If it's not hairballs, a trip to the vet is necessary. Blood work doesn't tell everything that is going on with our 4 legged kids. He could have reflux, or other digestive problems. Good luck.

Unfortunately, vets are becoming more & more like doctors.  If they can't pick a dianosis off of a test result sheet, they don't have a clue.  That's why they always want to run a myriad of expensive tests before venturing a guess as to the animal's problem. 

Ragdollmom is right in suspecting hairballs, but housecats are notorious for stomach problems.  You may be able to lessen the instances, but you might as well prepare for more vomiting, especially as the cat matures.

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Hairballs was my first impression.

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Check out my site on the different types of food that may help with your cat's nutritional needs which in turn can help with throwing up and hairballs.

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