Why does my cat meow constantly

why is my 16 year old cat go somewhere random and just meow she does it like every 3-4 hours in the day? she is a grey stripe tabby and she is 16 years old and we think she might have diabetes because she constantly drinks and pees. she also might have Alzheimer cause she doesn't remember how to use the cat door or where the litter box.

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Possibility #1 Your house is haunted and she's meowing at spirits.

#2 She wants something and is talking to you letting you know. It's not her fault you don't understand her.

#3 She may well have diabetes, and if she does, you need to see the vet and learn to treat it. If treated, her personality and behavior should improve a great deal.

#4 16 is a pretty respectable age for a cat and she may just be pissing and moaning and meowing about being old enough that something always hurts and it sucks. Pretty much like we humans piss and moan about it.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Why don't you take her to the vets for complete check up including blood work.

Oreo, my cat is 16 and he did the same thing. Your cat has kidney failure, your cat needs "AZODYL"take your cat to a vet tell him your cat has kidney failure. All cats get kidney failure when they get old. Most cats die of kidney failure because most vets do not know about "AZODYL"

Azodyl is NEW it is a bacteria that cleans the blood that the failed kidneys can not do any longer. In other words the bacteria in Azodyl works in cats like a kidney dialysis does with humans.

That was two years ago, he would  have died of kidney failure had it not been for a wise vet putting him on Azodyl. 2 pills a day. My cat is now 18 years old and doing fine. PLEASE take him to a vet and get him some Azodyl, NOW, before he dies, you can save his life.

Do a Google on  Azodyl, you will see what I'm talking about. BUT pleasy hurry before it's to late.


Also Oreo,    one of my cats drank water and peed alot, he had diabetes, the vet put him on insulin he lived 10 more years. Your cat has diabetes or kidney failure, but you can save his life. Get your cat to a vet now, PLEASE.

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