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Casey Anthony: Is it a death-penalty case? ... 1000 mothers kill they babies every year and none of them get the death-penalty. Should Casey Anthony be different?

Yes she should get the death penalty,  but we will wait and see what they do in Florida. I believe her lawyer has already asked for a mistrial, and the judge denied it.

Hey it is good to hear from you AP.Smile

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Hey CW Her lawyer is blaming her dad

congress watcher

Yes I heard about that and I believe she is saying that her father and brother both abused her. I do not believe anything this monster says. Smile

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That gave he the right to kill here daughter..How bizarre


If Casey was being abused by her brother and father, why didn't she press charges after she was grown?

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'I'm not saying this is true in this case ,but in many cases the molested child never lets anyone Know.I believe it didn't happen ,but casey is still very immature


I think she is also (immature), but since she is claiming this now, I think she should be asked why she hasn't reported it.   I am wondering if this is truly the case or is she lying to make her own case for her part in her daughter's death.   Now, they have said that after the daughter drowned, that Casey went into typical "abused child mode." Of being secretive and hiding the evidence etc.  This I know can happen and may have happened in her case...IF...she was really an abused child herself.  My question is "Was she?"

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We will never really know because she is a pathology liar.


Surely her defense knows this.

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They job is to keep her off death row any way they can


yeah, I guess if she's innocent....we all want to see her free...it's just ....a mess... and the b aby is still dead.  whatever happened, we know she didn't act like a mother whose child was missing.

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