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The real reason why hello kitty does not have a mouth or hair, is beacause a woman [whos daughter had cancer in her mouth], made a pact with the devil that if he 'healed' her daughter she would make something that represented cancer and the devil.

[this was done by using witchcraft etc]

So the devil so called 'healed' her daughter and the mother made hello kitty. In china kitty means devil, so hello kitty means hi devil!

So hello kitty doesnt have a mouth because the womans daught had cancer in her mouth, and the girls hair fell off so therefore hello kitty also has no hair.


anyways i believ this is true bacause that is how the devil eorks.

Okay so he so called "healed" the girl but took her and her mothers soul, meaning when they die they go to hell. Which is sad beacuase God would have healed her and would have only asked for faith in return.

zThat is how wonderful Gos is. he takes in consideration our need not only himselves. as for the devil he healed the girl but kept their souls. trust me people its true!

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I heard this story too about Hello Kitty. Thank God I dont have to buy none of Hello Kittys junk cuz I only have boys. But my niece and sister both like her and I told them the story and they got rid of everything that had to do with Hello Kitty. Well probably the devil did heal the girl but in return he got their souls cuz in order for him to give you something you have to give him something in return.


I threw everything away of Hello Kitty and I thank my 11 yr old daughter friend that told her that. Thank I researched it and read the story of a christian lady.

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<-< Wow...

Biscuit Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

why are people so easily fooled by this kind of stuff especially the god squad ... really you need to stop spoiling it for everyone else with your own twisted fairy tales.

?? (pronounced mó gu? ) is the word devil or demon or along those lines there of in Chinese. There is no word in Chinese for the word devil that even comes close to the word "kitty".

Monica Thinks this answer is Helpful:

i think it is true...because i heard alooot of people mention this and well i havee all my room full of hello kitty stuff,and aloot of other stuff..but idont know if i should get rid of it...theirs nothing gonna happen ?if i keep it i tink or IS IT??;0

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this was very helpful for me because i had days were i couldn't sleep at all and one day i went to school and my friends told me this story but i didn't believe them and so when i got home i got on the internet and searched it and i saw it was true so i took everything i had of hello kitty And threw it away and i can finally sleep!

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